PostHeaderIcon New Exceed Rc 1/8th scale MadStorm Nitro Gas Truck This massive monster truck comes with Level .28 engine for speed of swiftness, polished aluminum chassis to provide clean look as well as sturdiness, adjustable shocks to have perfect landing, a bigger fuel tank that can hold 150cc. The impressiveness of the MadStorm can be seen right out of the box when examine at first glance from the well-built interior to the magnificent exterior designs. From the front bumper to the back bumper all pieces have been build to last. Included in the MadStorm are aluminum muffler for superior protection and better looks, and heavy duty metal gear steering servo so you dont have to worry about it breaking. Even the rims are now hardened chrome rims and colossal tires to triumph over the world. Use the MadStorm to climb off road terrain, stony hills, rocky backyards, or wherever the road may take you. For the MadStorm will lead the way to new standards for the RC world and conquer all.

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25 Responses to “New Exceed Rc 1/8th scale MadStorm Nitro Gas Truck”

  • CemetaryGatesML says:

    @ChelseaLaDawnMoore from the factory almost ALL rc vehicles are geared for Mid range.. meaning its got good punch off the line and a decent top speed.

  • CemetaryGatesML says:

    @hogey12345 just get a savage or a revo, maby an LST or a T maxx

    these trucks are proven tough and will take a massive beating and still fast…these newer trucks comming like this one dont quite have the same “resume“ if you will

  • randomclipsuperpro says:

    @hogey12345 dude just get a traxxas or hpi vehicle their way better than this sh*T … the traxxas and hpi might be more expensive but their way more reliable than this sh*T…..

  • DrMesteban says:

    its actualy pretty reliable but when you get it all the screws are pretty loose, just make sure to tighten them should be just fine. managed to beat an upgraded revo out of the box. and after some fine tuning and breaking in its done better than any other rc i’ve owned. the only problem i see wit these trucks is hobby shop popularity like traxxas and team losi.

  • Nissan240xx says:

    Whats the name of the song?

  • drojero1 says:

    @paultje162 yeah….well what did you crash into?

  • RTiger18 says:

    How fast is this?

  • PEswimmer says:

    i have this and its a pretty good is a little delayed sometimes when i gas it or try to turn it.i just replaced all batteries and it just did it after that…what would it be?i keep checking the exaust pipe and it looks tight..let me know what u think it could be

  • MarioWowPlayer says:

    What does it mean Broken in?

  • Iosis6 says:

    @PEswimmer If you are having problems with a delayed action it is most likely your radio. tx or rx but it could also be getting some interference.

  • ch0l0sk8r says:

    @nitrorcx hey is exceed a good brand i heard its shitty um i like this truck how much is it? im lookin at a nitro rustler or gt2 good videos -brayden

  • ZzoldpeopleburningzZ says:

    @ch0l0sk8r dont buy anything from this company just buy hpi losi traxxas or team associated, im serious dude

  • ZzoldpeopleburningzZ says:

    wow copied the e revo wow

  • timgaylehughes says:

    Hey guys i recently got this truck and i cant get it to start even though i fallowed all of the instructions properly and everything….. Any tips?Also what would be the best fuel for this car?

  • rccarsrule1000 says:

    u r a great brand i havo one of your cars for my birthday i am looking to get a madstorme my first nitro and i will review it can u give me a discount i will be extreemy grateful i allways tell people an exceed rc is great ive recemended my friends to by on nitrorcx hopeing i will get somthing like a discounted rc plese respond by email my adress is atleist respond

  • AdLeeUTUBE says:

    Is this car waterproof?

  • Tigerbarb202 says:

    @nitrorcx wtf non environmental gas guzzling piece of SHIT! ELECTRIC!!!!!!!!! IF YOU CAN AFFORD THIS THE YOU SHOUD GET THE E SAVAGE FLUX! god loosers.

  • crazytwister474 says:

    hey nitrorcx whats the range of the remote and you nshould do another vid of it at full speed

  • YieSing says:

    i wanna buy one.. what else do i need to buy to run this thing? fuel? and ? i’m completely new to nitro RC’s is this thing good in terms of durability? how long does the engine last? thank you for any help!

  • jjmarden says:

    @Tigerbarb202 Girls toys take batteries. Real men use Nitro! I`ll go you with my firestorm any day. When I`m done makin you cry you can take your batteries and put them back in your vibrator.

  • Tigerbarb202 says:

    @jjmarden HA AHA AHA AH theres a reason they call the firestorm an entry level, its cause its for pussies who HAVE a vibrator u big fuck! damn there just toys retard. Go crawl back to your world of warcraft account.

  • thefishinginHS says:

    why dont u guys have ur own shop at hobby stores??

  • d3dma1n says:

    My rc car its called exceed rc and its a green 1/8th monster truck.. Right out the box it had no working brakes and some days later it didnt even have any steering, after almost have a heart attack when it was going max speed into a car (luckily it went under it) then into a face and was spinning rocks all over the place, I managed to kill the engine with my shirt on the exhaust pipe.. I figured out that a small silver cord was ripped in half not sure why but oh well.. Now i miss driving it!!

  • TwistedDoomGuy says:

    @jjmarden Maybe i shall formulate that setence right. “Real men drives real cars” dork

  • danlogical says:

    cheap and nasty build il never purchase a cen product again

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